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Beginning with Monday’s birthday post, I’ve been listing three important things I’ve learned over the years. The first was that it’s better to spend money on experiences rather than material things (unless those things contribute to the experience, of course). […]

Yesterday, in a fit of self-congratulatory bluster disguised as “giving advice,” I explained one of three important things I have learned in my lifetime. You have no doubt been constantly refreshing your browser ever since in anticipation of Number 2. […]

Today is my birthday. I’m not usually one to honk the birthday horn and go around telling people it’s my birthday. Facebook does that well enough for me. As does the band of minstrels I’ve paid to follow behind me, […]

Throughout the day, I’m always thinking about and keeping my eyes open for potential blogging topics. If something strikes me as possibly blog post-worthy, I might copy a link or type a few lines into a draft of a blog […]

Last week I was asked by a publishing house in Barcelona to do a Q&A for a book about Christ and culture. The book will eventually be published in Spanish, so they’ve given me the freedom to publish my answers […]

Reader feedback time! Some of my favorite blog posts are the ones that don’t have any content at all, but simply ask a question or two of you readers. Your responses are always as interesting and informative and fun as […]

Sometimes, as a writing exercise, I just decide to start writing about an idea and see where it leads. That’s what today’s post is. My tendency is to over-analyze and over-explain when someone asks me complicated questions, especially theological ones. […]

Feels like it’s time to get to know the folks around here better. So today I want to do a reader survey. 1. What is your age and gender? 2. What is your occupation? 3. What book are you reading […]

Yesterday was the first day back to school for my kids, both of whom are in elementary school. As a parent, this time of year is always a struggle for me. On one hand, I like returning to the more […]

Yesterday I returned from a 4-day adventure in the Pecos Wilderness at the top of New Mexico. It was my annual backpacking trip with three old friends (and two new ones), and as usual, I returned with a sunburn, a […]