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You said you had a big announcement coming today. What is it? The announcement is this: Right now you are reading the final post on this blog. Ever. Ever? Ever. So you’re shutting this blog down? Well, I’m going to …Read More

On Monday, author Adam McHugh delivered a guest post about the “snarling 8-headed monster” of the writing process. Today I return the favor — sort of — via an interview at his blog, Introverted Church. We talk about how my …Read More

A self-interview: ———————– So…shouldn’t you, like, be posting something about Rob Bell’s event in New York City with Lisa Miller? The launch of the “Love Wins” book tour? Probably. Why do you ask? Because your earlier thoughts about Bell’s book …Read More

Today is Ash Wednesday, which means it’s the first day of the Lenten season for Christians around the world. I thought it might be best to relay my thoughts about Lent in a self-interview format…just because it’s been awhile since …Read More

After six months’ worth of guest posts, my Friday Voices of Doubt series wraps up in the next few weeks. It’s been great hearing from so many different writers and thinkers on the impact doubt has had on their faith. …Read More

Yesterday I introduced Justin, the owner of Rapture Orphan Rescue, a new business that, for a fee, will take care of your children should they be left behind after the Rapture. We discussed how he lost his solidly evangelical faith …Read More

Last week I called your attention to a new online business called Rapture Orphan Rescue. Like Eternal Earthbound Pets but with kids, it promises to care for children who potentially get left behind should their parents get “caught up in …Read More

Jason: So I see there’s a new book shown over there in the right-hand sidebar. JB: Yes, there is. What of it? I was just noticing, that’s all. It has an eye-catching cover, what with the bold yellow type and …Read More

My friend Lauren Sandler, a journalist, author, and blogger, wrote the cover story for the July 19 issue of Time Magazine. Lauren, the author of the book Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement, is an only child herself. Her …Read More

My relationship with Preemptive Love Coalition is a complicated one, and it’s a story I’ve told elsewhere and won’t get into here. You can read more about it here and here. But suffice it to say, this is one of …Read More