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I need your help. I’m working on a magazine article that will publish in June around Father’s Day. I’m looking for two kinds of advice related to fathers: Advice you received from your father and advice you have for fathers. …Read More

A self-interview: ———————– So…shouldn’t you, like, be posting something about Rob Bell’s event in New York City with Lisa Miller? The launch of the “Love Wins” book tour? Probably. Why do you ask? Because your earlier thoughts about Bell’s book …Read More

If you’ve read the Bible beyond the Gospels and some of the safe, greeting-card-quote-ready psalms, you’re no doubt aware that there’s some stuff in it you don’t especially want your kids reading without parental supervision. Tons of violence. Some really …Read More

So you asked some important questions on Tuesday and got a lot of feedback. Have you come to any decisions? Maybe. Don’t play coy with me, young man. I discovered some interesting things about my readers. Do tell. Well, they’re …Read More

The month of January is named for Janus, the two-faced Roman deity of doors, gates, beginnings and endings. He’s one of the earliest gods to show up in the Roman pantheon, and he’s usually shown with his two faces looking …Read More

Last Wednesday, I traveled to the beautiful campus of Colgate University to speak to the students of Colgate Christian Fellowship about faith and doubt and religious tension — the stuff I discuss in O Me of Little Faith. Colgate is …Read More

In the variety of interviews I’ve done for the new book, in print and radio, the interviewer and I always seem to agree on a few things: 1) Everyone has spiritual doubts, though many of us hide them. 2) It’s …Read More

There’s an interesting little factoid in the endnotes section of Superfreakonomics. Which is saying something, because the whole book — as well as its predecessor, Freakonomics — is gloriously full of interesting little factoids. Anyway. In my childhood church environment, …Read More

My friend Matthew Paul Turner posted a review today of O Me of Little Faith, written by his friend Adam Ellis. (Disclaimer: I know Adam, too, having interviewed him for a Daily Beast article last summer.) In his review, Adam …Read More

One of the questions I get asked pretty frequently — especially with the release of a new book — is this one: What are you writing next? That question comes from fans, family members, agents, editors, and interviewers. Up to …Read More