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It’s impossible to take back a blog post, but I need to take back what I wrote about the decision of Calvin College to disinvite The New Pornographers from a scheduled concert at the university. Yesterday I complained that it […]

I have posted real-life confessions in the past on this blog. Actually, several times. But you’d be surprised. I’m not some serial confessor in real life — I don’t just start admitting to things in face-to-face situations — but when […]

A brief confession: I’m knee deep in blog interviews for book promotion. Which are a lot of fun, and completely my own doing, and something for which I am nothing but grateful. But they require a lot of writing, which […]

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, died last night at his home in Oneida, Kentucky. He was surrounded by his family. He had cancer. He got sick in November. Once the doctors figured out what it was, they started an aggressive […]

As a whole, I am less religious now than I was when I was a teenager. You wouldn’t know it, probably, by looking at me. I still go to church on a regular basis. My family prays before meals and […]

I have five worship-related confessions to make. 1. I play the drums in the worship band at my church. One reason is because I love to play the drums. It makes me happy. The other reason is that I’d much […]

It’s another round of confessions, this time related to the Pocket Guides. I’ve done it before, on multiple occasions, and now I’m doing it again. Why? Because I have no shame. 1. Sometimes, when I open up one of my […]

Sometimes you just need to get things off your chest. I’ve done it before, and now I’m doing it again. Don’t hate me, blog readers. Admire me for my transparency: 1. I sleep with a body pillow. If you ask […]

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to read more. Specifically, to read 12 books. Which sounds like a lame goal, but considering that I spend a lot of my free time writing my own books and working on other […]

For several years, it seems — OK, really just a month or so — I’ve been resisting the “25 Random Things About Me” thing on Facebook, though I’ve been tagged a bunch of times. I don’t like doing much on […]