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There is a certain tendency among astrology fans to assume that, once a planet’s retrograde period is over, everything associated with that planet is going to be totally awesome. But if you’ve ever successfully completed and sent an email without […]

Uranus enters Taurus today, and stays there until a retrograde moves it back for a final pass through Aries in September. Astrologically this is pretty big news and you will be hearing plenty about it both here and elsewhere in […]

(Mild spoilers for both Season One of Westworld on HBO and for the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction) Once upon a time there was a magical place of wonder where the rich and powerful could live out their fantasies at the expense […]

In Part One of this series, I discussed the secret hidden strength of this year’s transits that will give you the encouragement to make the changes for yourself that you really need to change… your motive, if you will. In […]

Enough of the fear. Enough of the discomfort. 2018 is the year we start turning this thing around. Saturn has its eye on you, and sees you — right now, whoever you are, and it’s here to help. Is that […]

Let’s take a look at Saturn. I mean literally, let’s take a look at Saturn. See that ring? Beautiful, isn’t it? What most people don’t realize about Saturn’s rings are that they are composed of billions of tiny little particles […]

Just because Saturn is leaving Sagittarius and the Galactic Center doesn’t mean its effects on the Human Collective are coming to an end. If a transit makes your legs fall off on a Monday, your shoe budget will be reduced […]

THE END Have you noticed that books and movies don’t end with those words anymore? Even though you know the story is over, there is no final comforting confirmation, no signal that it’s time to get up and go home, […]

I admit it: I’m a bit worried about the upcoming Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Sure, they’re obviously in love, and I think they make a cute couple. No problem there. But no matter how good the […]