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Last night brought us the season premiere of the internationally beloved BBC science fiction series Doctor Who (if you didn’t see my blog entry about the astrology of Doctor Who, click HERE). The show is about an eccentric alien who […]

(Matthew Currie is not available to write his blog today, having sustained a serious injury wrestling with a run-on sentence. In his place, we present this message from Mars in Aquarius, which arrived in a large metallic cylinder that landed […]

I’ve recently written a couple of blog entries about how in the last year or two there has been an explosion of “empty calories” astrology articles on the Internet. If you will all kindly forgive me one more trip into […]

Like many of you, my day began today with the news of the death by suicide of Anthony Bourdain. I was a fan of his work and I’ll miss him. For whatever reason, I was particularly flooded with a wave […]

To: The Editors, Beliefnet From: Matthew Currie Subject: Writing About Astrology On The Internet I’ve recently started to re-evaluate how I communicate the ancient and majestic wonder of Astrology on these pages. Astrology, done properly, is a lot more complicated […]

A team of researchers have recently determined that chimps and orangutans have personalities: individual variable traits like extroversion and neurosis and such. Of course this should come as no surprise, not only given that apes are close relatives of ours… […]

I have now been the astrology columnist at Beliefnet for 700 blog entries (this is actually number 701, my recent article on the season premiere of Westworld and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction being officially number  700). Some of you have been […]

(Editor’s Note: Matthew Currie is unavailable today, having suddenly turned Void of Course. In his place we present Guest Blogger and YouTuber Weaseldamus! Click on each amazing prophesy to make it even bigger and more incredible!) ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Weaseldamus […]

The last time I wrote about Jupiter in Scorpio, I took a joking approach with the title and the first paragraph. Sometimes one sees terrible and inaccurate over-generalizations made by some astrologers when it comes to the nature of a […]

(Today: a pause from the “Ask An Astrologer” series to address an issue I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while. Next time: back to chart analysis) I recently came across a posting on Facebook by another astrologer […]