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Canada became the first G7 country to fully legalize marijuana on midnight October 17th, and by all accounts it has been a roaring success. However, the situation has not been without some hitches, and that is clearly reflected in the […]

On the morning of June 20th 2018, Canada became the second country on Earth to completely legalize the recreational use of marijuana. (Before I begin on the astrology though there are two groups of people I would like to address, […]

On Monday evening at about 10:34 PM local time, an unidentified man set off an explosive device at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. As of this writing, 22 people are dead and about 60 are injured. (Reports vary […]

(Scene: The bridge of the USS Enterprise. The crew is at their stations doing their jobs as the ship approaches an enormous astrological birth chart. KIRK sits in the command chair while DR. MCCOY stands beside him, looking at the […]

Corporations have birth charts just like people do, and are subject to transits in much the same way. If you know much about astrology, and I told you I knew someone who was experiencing transiting Pluto square their natal Saturn, […]

Kendall Jenner, yet another member of the Jenner-Kardashian hairball coughed up from America’s celebrity-obsessed subconscious, recently appeared in a two and a half minute long Pepsi ad posted on YouTube. This, in and of itself, is not big news. The […]

Once again, the time approaches when many of us make predictions, and are equally annoyed by the results whether we’re right or wrong: The Academy Awards. This year’s ceremony begins at 5:30 PM on February 26th this year, in Los […]

LAST TIME (click here if you didn’t see it): I took a look at the “birth chart” (or rather, the chart of the first publication date) for everyone’s favorite example of how childhood trauma plus relentless dedication plus huge wealth […]

Personality-based astrology drives me a little nuts. Yes, it’s a large part of the appeal of astrology, but like any stereotyping, it has its limits. Aquariuses really do tend to be a little odd, and Scorpios do seem to have […]

If you’ve been doing astrology readings for people as long as I have, there are a couple of things you soon learn. One is that the transits which cause people the most trouble will eventually end to be replaced with […]