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I was talking with someone a few days ago who said something about having read somewhere once that in astrology, Venus isn’t really the planet that rules love. I was ready to offer a reflexive counter response to this, except […]

A large number of the readings that I do for people involve the state of their love lives. Many of those people don’t currently have a “love life” at all. I particularly like doing readings for people in that position, […]

In my previous blog entry, I teased a future series about the Twelve Signs and why people might break up with them. I’ve decided that was a little harsh, and instead I’m going to take the high road with it. […]

Love (and relationships in general) fuel a great deal of the work that a typical astrologer does. Personally, I think love is great. But you may have noticed that many great love stories in real life and up being, um, […]

Feel like doing a little Fishing, do you? Who could blame you? There is something incredibly sweet and soulful and nice and cuddly and inherently lovable about your average Pisces. They are sensitive and caring and can make a wonderful […]

(SCENE: The Board Room where all the planets get together once a week to discuss next week’s transits. The planets are gathering up their papers and preparing to return to work. MERCURY, dressed like a tweedy assistant math instructor, clears […]

When you’re in love, it’s like dreams can come true. But that doesn’t necessarily your dreams, or the dreams you used to dream. But usually, in the final analysis, life and love bend towards at least a notion of how […]

Who doesn’t love the appeal of that “strange visitor from another world” that is Aquarius? These people tend to have a peculiar sort of glamour to them, even when they’re not trying to. Admittedly, tough, they can be hard to […]

Capricorn has a reputation for being firmly in control of themselves and, as much as possible, their resources. This Sign is usually more associated with bosses and banking than with sex and seduction, but there can be something undeniably sexy […]

Ready for an adventure? Then why not try to strap a saddle on a Sagittarius? They have a reputation for being fun and freewheeling and, frankly, to be easier to catch than to keep. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting […]