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(ATTENTION BELIEFNET EDITORS: please make sure this doesn’t run until after the predicted Rapture (scheduled for this Sunday) happens — that is, if any of you are still here. It would be just plain embarrassing otherwise!) Dear friends and regular […]

(More about what the heck a Void of Course Moon is, and what you can do with it, is HERE) The Moon is “Void of Course” when it will not complete any major aspects to any other planet before it […]

You’re probably aware of the idea that each Sign is ruled by one of the planets, and that the planet which rules a Sign tells us something about that Sign’s nature. Leo is ruled by The Sun, and Leos tend […]

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Best personal trait: Original thinking Worst personal trait: Original thinking  *** Who was the first person to ride a bicycle? Think about it for a second. Did you ever learn how to ride a bicycle? Odds […]

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Best personal trait: Optimism Worst personal trait: Optimism *** An overly optimistic Sagittarius can’t stop coughing for two weeks straight. His wife keeps nagging at him to get it checked out (she’s probably a Virgo — […]

Once more it is time to march bravely into the dark of December and lighten things up a little! What can be said about Aquarius that hasn’t already been said? “Man, that’s strange.” “Hey, what the heck IS that?” and […]

As part of my pledge to make December more fun (despite the Uranus Pluto Square and Saturn entering Sagittarius and such), it’s time to have a laugh with/at Capricorn.   Capricorn is, naturally, suspicious of such things. “Why do you […]

As part of my ongoing campaign to make the world a happier place this month, here is a less-than-reverent look at Sagittarius.    (Oh, don’t worry… there’s plenty of serious stuff to be covered in the next few weeks before […]

Okay, I admit it: things have seemed a little bleak lately. Things haven’t exactly turned out the way I had hoped they would with some rather important events, and maybe not in your life either. And here we are, barely into […]