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(Hey! before you go charging in without looking (Aries-style), CLICK HERE for the introduction to this series, and a guide on how best to use it.) So: you’ve decided to seduce an Aries. It’s easy enough to get initial attention […]

So: you’ve decided to seduce an Aries. It’s easy enough to get initial attention from one of those Ram People, but it can be a little trickier to hold it long enough to get anywhere with it. This does not […]

As much as a cliche as it might be, I still find that when an Aries approaches me about their love life, the question may be “Is so-and-so my soul mate?” or “Should I continue to pursue whatshisface?”… but the […]

The Sign:  Aries, the Ram: a creature that pretty much “butts heads” as part of its job description. The Hero: Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek Known For: Bold heroic gestures, solving intractable diplomatic situations by blowing things up, exploring […]

(Part of a twelve part series. Click HERE to collect ’em all!) The Sign: Aries, The Ram The Villain: Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th films Known For: Aggressive opposition to teen sex, protecting his environment from campers, casual […]

Your introduction to Saturn in Sagittarius (and details for the other eleven Signs) is HERE. I’ll update it every three months or so, so keep coming back! What’s in it for me? “Saturn in Sagittarius” means that Saturn is now […]

It’s funny: all those Sun Sign romance guides out there seem to think that an Aries and a Scorpio together will eventually lead to something blowing up. I’ve seen this combination in the real world over and over again… despite […]

 (This is a part of the “Astrology Of Love And Compatibility” series) AKA:The Ram, First Sign Of The Zodiac, That Guy Who Cut In Front Of You At The DMV Lineup Ruling Planet: Mars, named after the God of War. […]