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matthew currie astrology aries seasonDear _____:

I was doing a bit of spring cleaning and going through my old junk — specifically, the old junk that I hide in the closet that I haven’t looked at in years. And I came across the toys you gave me.

At the time I (literally) escaped my relationship with you, I was limited as to how much I could carry. I left a lot of valuable and important things behind, but I took these — the little plastic animals you gave me. At the time I didn’t even think about it, and it seemed like the last thing on Earth I wanted to take with me. I did not leave you with any lingering doubts in my heart or with nostalgia for the short period of time at the beginning when our relationship was good — or at least was much less abusive than it became.

I won’t share with you the details of how my time with you changed me. That is between me and my therapist, and possibly anyone who overhears me jerking awake from sleep, yelling, a few times every night. So it seems odd that I would have taken these little “love tokens” with me, and that I would still keep them now, doesn’t it?

The Sun enters Aries today, and as you know, that represents the beginning of a new astrological cycle. Aries is all action and bravery and charging into battle without always calculating the odds first. Aries is also fire, and fire can purify.

But that fire can be symbolic and not literal. So rather than simply burning these last little reminders of my time with you — I’m keeping them. Do you want to know why?

I am keeping them as a reminder of the ultimate lesson I learned from my time with you. What I learned is that sometimes good people can do cruel things. Sometimes cruel people can do good things. To this day I do not know which of those two categories you fall into… and it’s not my job to figure that out. It’s my job to get past it, and I will only truly do that if I leave all the bitterness behind. That, and symbolically, the kind of toys you’d give to an innocent, wide-eyed child seem like a good thing to salvage.

Besides: you’ll probably never read these words anyway, _____. That’s okay though: they are for me, and not for you.


Welcome to Aries season, everyone. This can be a time of powerful new beginnings, especially with the Sun conjunct Chiron. If you need some healing or some forgiveness or an exorcism, right now would be an excellent time to get started.

It is never too late for a new beginning, even if that new beginning is required very far deep down in your heart or your soul. You can do this. Peace be with you.

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