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A new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll found that the values of American’s are changing drastically from generation to generation. Two decades ago, items like patriotism, religion, and having children were much higher up on American’s lists of values. This shift …Read More

Sen. Ted Cruz responded to actress Alyssa Milano after the actress asked if there was any Bible passage supporting the second amendment. She posted to Twitter saying, “cite which passage of the Bible God states it is a God-given right …Read More

When asked about his ongoing trade war with China, President Donald Trump called himself “the chosen one”. Trump, speaking with reporters outside the White House, says that when it comes to dealing with China’s trade practices “somebody had to do …Read More

A group of Christian leaders has condemned Christian nationalism in a new letter, calling it a “persistent threat to both our religious communities and our democracy.” Published on July 29th, the letter, organized by the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious …Read More

A majority of millennials, though generation Xers and generation Z play a part as well, have been leaving the traditional organized religions in favor of more spiritual practices. They are connecting with tarot cards, astrology, meditation, crystals and the like. …Read More

After a long court battle, city officials took down a church’s iconic “Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” sign overnight. The city spent four years in court but ultimately won, citing that the sign was on public land and was in …Read More

Christian doctor Richard Scott, a general practitioner at the Bethesda Medical Center in England, is at risk of losing his medical license for incorporating his faith into his practice. Scott is currently under investigation by the General Medical Council and …Read More

In a recent CNN interview, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Cory Booker dismissed sending “thoughts and prayers” to victims of gun violence as BS. Evangelical Christian leader Rev. Franklin Graham is firing back. Graham said that Booker “obviously doesn’t know the …Read More

Democratic lawmakers in Massachusetts want to take “God” out of the oath of office for every elected official in the State. This would amend the old state Constitution in the country, allowing public officials to cite a secular phrase instead: …Read More

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau took to his webcast “Truth & Liberty Coalition” recently to talk about Trump’s reelection in 2020. Wallnau shared with his viewers that he believes God allowed Democrats to make gains in the 2018 elections so that …Read More