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One-hundred-year-old Fauja Singh, ran an entire marathon in Toronto this weekend. The devout Sikh shrugs it off — noting he’s run 10 others, reports Eric Adelson for the Post Game: He did it in 8 hours, 25 minutes, and 17 seconds. […]

Stepping up to take charge of the Duke of Connaught’s Own British Columbia Regiment, India native Lieutenant Colonel Harjit Singh Sajjan is the first Sikh in the Canadian Army’s history to take such a command. Sikhism has a following of over 20 million worldwide […]

Thousands of Sikhs will gather across Europe Sunday to proclaim their right to wear their faith’s required turbans — and to voice concerns with legal challenges to such headgear in some parts of Europe. The turban or dastaar is mandatory for […]

Incidents of abduction of Hindus and Sikhs girls, for forced conversion and marriages to Muslims, as well as for ransom have increased, a Pakistani official told the Times of India newspaper. Pakistani parliament member Dr. Haresh Chopra of the Pakistan Muslim League […]

Fifteen U.S. boys, ages 13-16, all wearing Sikh turbans, are spending 10 days at California’s Bhujangi Academy, a ten-day outdoor camp for at-risk teens. The 15 were chosen carefully from Sikh families living in the U.S. that are worried their young teens […]

Sikhs who wear turbans while riding motorcycles say their obedience to their faith is far more important than safety. Unfortunately, traffic cops seldom see it that way. As a result, the Canadian Sikh Association is asking the Ontario government to exempt […]