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Conservative political activist Ralph Reed argues in a book due out before the 2020 general election that American evangelicals “have a moral obligation to enthusiastically back” the president, according to Politico. The Faith and Freedom Coalition founder has been one …Read More

Are America’s top values shifting? Well a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Survey finds that this may be the case. According to the WSJ, the values that Americans say definite the national character are changing, as younger generations rate patriotism, …Read More

Televangelist Pat Robertson is being vocal about his disdain for President Trump’s, sharing that he’s ‘absolutely appalled’ by his decision to pull U.S. forces out of Norther Syria, endangering America’s Kurdish allies. Robertson was one of many voices that slammed …Read More

A Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee has banned Harry Potter books, warning that the spells and curses in the novels are real and reading them could cause irreversible damage. According to the Tennessean, Rev. Dan Reehil, one of St. Edward …Read More

Should religious communities support the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana? More faith groups are weighing in. Marijuana is currently legal in 33 states including Pennsylvania and New Jersey for adult recreational use, permissible in 11 states. As more states …Read More

Pumpkin spice didn’t rank #1. If fall is your favorite season, you probably look forward to the coolness in the air, the colorful changing of leaves and sweater weather. With fall right around the corner, the Society of Happy People …Read More

Researchers from Denmark and Norway found that one in 10 people has had a near death experience. The new study found that people across 35 different countries have experienced unusual physical and spiritual symptoms. These occurred in life-threatening situations including …Read More

According to a new Church document, the Vatican has formally opened debate on allowing older, married men to become priests in remote areas like the Amazon in South America. A working document called the “Instrumentum Laboris,” was prepared prior to …Read More

More people are convinced that extraterrestrials do exist. More than half of Americans believe in God. Surprisingly, the number of people who believe in aliens is only slightly lower. As these numbers increase, Diana Pasulka, a professor at the University …Read More

In a recent CNN interview, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Cory Booker dismissed sending “thoughts and prayers” to victims of gun violence as BS. Evangelical Christian leader Rev. Franklin Graham is firing back. Graham said that Booker “obviously doesn’t know the …Read More