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According to a new survey, the number of Americans who have no religion has risen 266 percent since 1991 the Daily Mail reports. The religious ‘nones’ (those with no religious affiliation) are now tied statistically with the number of Catholics […]

A group of Catholic priests in Poland recently burned books they considered sacrilegious, including those from the Harry Potter and Twilight series. A Catholic evangelical group “SMS from Heaven” posted pictures on its Facebook page showing Harry Potter books on […]

LifeWay Christian resources will close all their retail locations. The store has been an important channel for Christian publishers. The retailer is now shifting gears and all merchandise will be offered entirely online. “The decision to close our local stores […]

The 9-year-old had no idea that when he went to school that day that his teacher would tell him the cross on his forehead was inappropriate and make him wash the ashes off. William McLeod who goes to a Utah […]

President Donald Trump did something that some are praising him for and others are criticizing him for – he autographed the Bibles of Alabama residents devastated by a recent tornado outbreak. Trump met with first responders and survivors at a Baptist […]

Some believe his Christian faith bars him from impartial service. There are only a few weeks left until Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race is over. Candidate Brian Hagedorn, who right now is serving as a judge on the state’s court of […]

On Tuesday, the United Methodist Church voted to strengthen its ban on gay clergy and same-sex marriages. This is a decision that could ultimately split the country’s second largest Protestant Church. Delegates voted 438 to 384 at a special session […]

Yes, you read that correctly and her reason for not leaving is not what you might expect. According to a Religious News Service report, in 2013, Gretta Vosper of the United Church of Canada told her congregation that she was […]

A grocery store is facing social media backlash after sending out a weekly sales flier saying “heaven has a wall” appearing to make a pro-border wall political statement. According to CBN News, Mac’s Fresh Market sparked controversy this week after […]

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who recently announced his 2020 bid for president, questioned President Trump’s judicial nominee this week over their opinion on same-sex marriage. Judicial nominee Neomi Rao is slated to replace Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on […]