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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican announced on Friday (Nov. 19) that it is preparing international guidelines to prevent the sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic clergy, a long-awaited response to a scandal that has seeped into countless corners of […]

By Adelle M. Banks c. 2010 Religion News Service WASHINGTON (RNS) Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday (Nov. 17) called for continued vigilance to protect religious minorities as her department released its annual report on international religious freedom. […]

By Daniel Burke c. 2010 Religion News Service BALTIMORE (RNS) In a dramatic break with tradition, U.S. Catholic bishops on Tuesday (Nov. 16) elected New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan as their next president, choosing a friendly but assertive leader over […]

By Adelle M. Banks c. 2010 Religion News Service WASHINGTON (RNS) On the eve of Veterans Day, religious leaders and veterans called for a reconsideration of conscientious objection to war, saying military members should have the right to object to […]

By Tim Townsend c. 2010 St. Louis Post-Dispatch ST. LOUIS (RNS) When is a church convention more than just another church convention? When 40,000 saints from the Church of God in Christ come marching in and relocate the year’s largest […]

LONDON (RNS) Five bishops have decided to leave the Church of England and join the Roman Catholic Church under the Vatican’s new program to welcome disaffected Anglicans. The decision by three active and two retired bishops was reported Monday (Nov. […]

By Francis X. Rocca c. 2010 Religion News Service VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Benedict XVI denounced abortion, same-sex marriage and the absence of religion in public life during a weekend (Nov. 6-7) visit to Spain, a country he called the […]

By KEVIN ECKSTROM c. 2010 Religion News Service (RNS) Openly gay Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson, whose 2003 election caused a major schism within the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion, announced on Saturday (Nov. 6) that he will […]

By Whitney Jones c. 2010 Religion News Service (RNS) Three of the seven justices on the Iowa Supreme Court who voted to legalize same-sex marriage last year lost their jobs on Tuesday (Nov. 2), but conservative activists are warning they […]

By Omar Sacirbey c. 2010 Religion News Service (RNS) Born and raised in Oklahoma, Sarah Albahadily will wear her headscarf to a Brad Paisley concert and her cowboy boots to mosque. There are two things she says she never misses: […]