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Donald Trump’s North Carolina rally has been making headlines after a controversial “send her back” chant came from the crowd. However there are some new headlines emerging from the rally: Christians are upset Trump used the Lord’s name in vain. Not only once, but twice.

This upset Senator Paul Hardesty of West Virginia’s seventh district so much, that he sent a letter of rebuke to the White House on Thursday. He pointed out Trump’s “terrible use of words” at the Greenville rally.

Hardesty first admitted that he is a supporter of Trump’s pro-coal policies, but found the president’s words were inconsiderate.

“There is no place in society — anywhere, any place and at any time — where that type of language should be used or handled. Your comments were not presidential,” he wrote.

“Please remember Mr. President, in the United States of America, ‘In God We Trust,’ not curse,” he added.

One of the instances where the president used “goddamn” was in reference to how hard the nation’s armed forces might strike Iran should military force be used.

Chieftains across the United States have been a bit more outspoken than Hardesty. Commenters online have come out in droves to call the president out for his comments. Many have been calling the actions “blasphemy” and think Trump is “mocking” God.

You can watch the entire rally below.