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She’s wearing the ring. He’s walking on clouds. Her mother is having excited phone calls with bridal shops. Her sister is researching honeymoon cruises. His little brother is gathering tin cans and snickering with his friends about what they’ll write on the car in shoe polish.

But don’t forget the ceremony itself.

These are the special words that will seal your commitment to one another. This is a very romantic moment and often the perfect place publicly to declare your love for one another.

But writing your vows can be more difficult than it seems.

So, here is an assortment of traditional, avant garde, cultural and modern wedding vows for you to use as a source of inspiration.

It is important to note that if you are getting married in a religious setting, check with your officiant as there may be specific words that cannot be deviated from. Find out if and where you can add your own embellishments, loving words, funny promises (such as, I promise never to serve you broiled liver again!) and inside jokes.

Here are a few to choose from:

The civil ceremony
A longer form
Basic Christian Ceremony
A longer Christian ceremony
A Wine Ceremony
The Seven Steps
Beach Wedding
Interfaith Ceremony
Super short ceremony