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The folks at Pay it Forward Foundation are working hard to make a difference in the world.  Some think they are crazy; they prefer to be called visionaries.  And visionaries they are!  With over 1 million Pay It Forward bracelets distributed in 112 countries around the world they have a huge vision and that vision is catching on.

So what’s the PIF experience all about?  It’s simple. The PIF Foundation believes that the key to changing the world we live in starts with a small act of kindness and that is precisely what their Pay It Forward challenge is all about. You do a small act of kindness and when you do, you give the person you did it for a white PIF bracelet, prompting them to, you guessed it, pay it forward.

From universities and corporations to high schools and neighborhood parties; people all over the world are catching on and changing their communities with simple acts of kindness.

Watch this video to find out how you can start paying if forward in your community.