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Once again, the world failed to end, despite a high-profile prediction from a radio preacher in California.

“You may recall that Harold Camping, the self-proclaimed Doomsday prophet who misfired back on May 21 with his ‘guaranteed’ Second Coming of Christ prediction, had re-set the End of Days for October 21,” writes Beliefnet’s Robert Mims. 

But the deadline has come and gone … again. On Camping’s Family Radio website, the event … or non-event is not acknowleged. No statement has been forthcoming from the group — despite the fact that a small earthquake, 4.3 on the Richter Scale, occurred in nearby San Francisco. There was no reported damage — a far cry from the total destruction of the universe Camping had forecasted.

“Sadly, for many of us,” writes Mims, “we’re still on this tired, bruised, bloodied and suffering planet. Rats. Now we have to continue to live, continue to face trials and challenges and the ongoing recession, debt and disagreeable relatives and obnoxious bosses. No escape.

“No reports of millions of the faithful being caught up in the Rapture, to meet the returning King of Kings in the air.

“No one’s seen the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse galloping through the streets.

“Harold’s wrong, again. And that’s not a big surprise.”

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