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GOP presidential front-runner Herman Cain says that if elected, he’ll update the traditional presidential entrance music, “Hail to the Chief.” Why?

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, who released his own Gospel music album in 1996, said it needs an update. Maybe with a Gospel beat.

“It’s traditional, and that’s all well and good,” the candidate told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. “But I happen to believe that there comes a time when you need to change the mood of it just a little bit — not drastically, but change it just a little bit.”

“It’s kind of like in marketing. Periodically companies that have been successful in branding, they might modify their logo just a little bit to give it a fresher look. I think ‘Hail to the Chief’ needs a little bit fresher sound.”

So, how would Cain perk it up? Not hip-hop, chuckled the candidate.

“I might put some gospel beats into it, OK?” he quipped. 

Well, updating Hail to the Chief has already been tried — with varied results. On YouTube, there’s a forgettable beatbox version, but here’s a marching band rendition:


 And here’s an electronic version — apparently from somebody’s old Moog Synthesizer:


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