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From Jordan Sekulow’s blog Religious Right Now at The Washington Post’s “On Faith”:

Just days after Iran released two Americans accused of spying, an Iranian court has upheld the apostasy conviction and executionsentence of Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani.

Pastor Youcef will be brought to the court for one final “hearing” on September 28th for the sole purpose of being called upon to recant his Christian faith. The ACLJ’s sources report that although Pastor Youcef’s attorneys will attempt to appeal the case, there is no guarantee that the provincial court will not act on its own interpretation of Sharia law and execute pastor Youcef as early as Wednesday.

Yesterday, Firouz Sadegh-Khandjani, a Member of the Council of Elders for the Church of Iran and a close personal friend of Youcef, called into my radio show from Iran to provide an update on Pastor Youcef. You can listen to the interview here.

Watch: My recent interview on CBN Newsdiscussing Pastor Youcef’s situation – Iran to Pastor: Renounce Christ or Die.

Full story: Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani faces potential execution – Religious Right Now – The Washington Post

Please pray for Pastor Youcef, his family, and his brave attorney. Visit the ACLJ’s website for updates and follow me on Twitter @JordanSekulow.