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“A nice little tidbit for the evening here at the underground bunker, where we keep an eye on all things Scientology,” writes Tony Ortega of New York City’s the Village Voice.

Ortega has been running a regular feature “The 25 Top People Crippling Scientology” in the Voice — which has annoyed Church of Scientology officials, detailing the stories of a variety of people who have left the church, written books denouncing it or who are otherwise working toward the church’s decline.

Now Ortega says that a friend who is a host of a radio show in Kansas City has “received a communication from Scientology, and the lunkheads over there accidentally included an internal memorandum which indicated that Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs International — its worldwide intelligence and covert operations wing — is going to be ‘handling’ yours truly.”

Just what “handling” means, Ortega doesn’t know. Meanwhile, he has released the memo, which is not particularly complimentary of his journalitic efforts or his newspaper. Nor did the writer of the letter think much of the radio show, which — according to a postscript on the letter — “is weird and has squirrel stuff on it.”

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