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The Church of Scientology always has a high profile owing to its many celebrity adherents, but recent headlines have not always been good news for the church, observes the Religion Link news website.

“A lengthy New Yorker article profiled the defection of director and screenwriter Paul Haggis, for example, and revealed that the FBI is investigating Scientology on human trafficking allegations,” notes Religion Link.

“The Feb. 14, 2011, New Yorker piece was 24,000 words long and in the course of profiling Haggis provided an extensive and detailed narrative on the origins and beliefs of the Church of Scientology. The controversial movement keeps many aspects of its doctrines and practices secret, so the article was an unusual window into Scientology.

“But the revelation of FBI investigation is potentially the most damaging development for Scientology,” notes Religion Link, “both in terms of legal exposure and public perception.”

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