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Declaring one’s Christianity has become a sign of cultural rebellion in these politically correct times, writes Anthony Bradley in World magazine.

“The most radical, counter-cultural, rebellious thing a young adult can do in America today is join a Christian church and commit his or her life to the pursuit of holiness as described in the Bible,” observes Bradley:

We live in an America where the norms of society are dominated by narcissism, individualism, consumerism, materialism, and moral relativism. These “isms” are our culture. To believe that moral truths are subjectively relative, to pursue a life of utilitarian consequentialism, and to adopt happiness as the greatest personal virtue is to simply be like everyone else, a cog in a morally vacuous culture. This is what it means these days to be average, common, even boring. It’s the newest tradition inaugurated by our nation’s baby boomers.

But if you want to reject contemporary Western societal norms and live a rebellious and dangerous life as a young adult, then commit your life to moral virtue. Who would have thought that we’d ever live in a society where joining a church and adopting Christian values as a way of life would be considered swimming upstream for young adults?

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