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After scandal-scarred incumbent Anthony Weiner resigned from his seat, Democrats and many political sages confidently predicted that the district he represented — New York’s 9th, a rock-solid Democratic district – would stay in the Democratic fold.

“They were convinced that David Weprin, a machine politician who did not live in the district, would bury Republican rival Bob Turner in the September 13 special election,” writes Matthew Brooks in the Jewish Chronicle:

Now the contest appears to be very close: Politico quoted a local Democratic operative admitting that “this [race] is a crapshoot” and is almost certain to stay that way until election day. A recent poll underscored that by showing the race to be tied.

Some reports point to gaffes by a tongue-tied Weprin; others cite the economy and frustration with the Democrat President, for whom Weprin would certainly become a faithful footsoldier, as reasons why this race is so close.

Especially unsettling for Jewish Democrats nationally is that, in this district, a big part of the “Obama drag” is disillusionment with the President among Jews – especially those concerned about Middle East peace and Israel’s security.

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