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Scotland’s Philip Tartaglia, a senior bishop in the Catholic church, says that any government which legalizes gay marriage is committing “cultural vandalism.”

The Bishop of Paisley said that any such move by Scottish legislators would “shame Scotland in the eyes of the world,” according to the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

“A government which favors and allows for same sex “marriage” does wrong. It fails in its duty to society,” Tartaglia said as the Scottish government began a 14-week consultation on whether homosexual couples should be allowed to marry in a civil or religious ceremony. “It undermines the common good. It commits an act of cultural vandalism.”

The Daily Mail continues:

“Such a government does not deserve the trust which the nation, and including many in the Catholic community, has shown in it.”

Current laws allow same-sex couples to enter into a civil partnership, which provides those involved with all the legal rights of a married couple, but cannot be conducted on religious premises.

Bishop Tartaglia also said that as marriage predates any government, ministers do not have the authority to change its meaning.

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