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Shane Claiborne, a Christian activist and author based in Philadelphia, has teamed up with liberal activist Ben Cohen — the “Ben” of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream — to denounce U.S. military spending.

They’ve launched a “Jesus, Bombs and Ice Cream Tour” in which they address their left-of-center viewpoint on American military spending. During appearances, they rail against violence, war and federal spending, according to the Blaze news website.

Claiborne encourages audiences to “Imagine a world with fewer bombs and more ice cream.”

Such a sentiment is certainly attractive, regardless of one’s political leanings. He continues:

“We’re here because it’s time to re-think our world and our federal budget.

“There’s no better way we can imagine honoring the [9/11] anniversary than by having hope that another world is possible.

“If we’re going to have fewer bombs and more ice cream, we need to shift our budget to what helps people live instead of killing people.”

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