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Nearly half of British adults would like to see more demonstrations of faith in their local communities, according to a poll.

The survey was conducted by the Congregational & General Insurance Co., which said that out of 1,000 British adults, 44 per cent said they would like to see faith be more prominent in Britain’s public life. 

While nearly a quarter — 22 per cent —  of respondents felt that community spirit was in decline, just short of half — 46 per cent — of those questioned felt that faith was “very important,” reported the company, “a figure that rose considerably amongst older respondents; nearly two-thirds — 64 per cent — of the over-65 group stated that their faith was very important to them.” 
“Far from confirming the negative perceptions of faith and community spirit being in terminal decline in the UK, the research revealed a strong appetite for community initiatives and demonstrations of faith across all age brackets and geographical regions.” reported the company.

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