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ABC-TV’s “Dancing With the Stars” went from “PG-13” to “R” Monday night as guest dancer Nancy Grace’s dress couldn’t contain her endowments, then singer Chynna Phillips cussed on the air.

Already the show was pushing the edges of family-appropriate viewing as it showcased transexual Chaz Bono — known until recently as Sonny and Cher’s lesbian daughter Chastity. Also dancing this season is Carson Kressley, the openly gay male star of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” a cable show in which heterosexual males are given fashion tips by homosexual fashion professionals.

The show had considered pairing Kressley with a fellow male dance partner.

“We thought about it,” the show’s executive producer Conrad Green told the website E! Online.

So, how much of this does a parent want to explain to their bewildered five-year-old?

Green has been quoted in the Hollywood Reporter about a public backlash regarding the show’s including Chaz. The show’s message boards have been flooded with protests, alleging producers have a pro-homosexual agenda.

In terms of child-inappropriate sensuality, the program has oozed with it from its first season — with lots of skin and erotic moves.

But perhaps it went over the edge Monday.

“In a fit of frustration at her inability to instantly master the jive,” reported Time magazine, “Chynna Phillips declared,  “Sorry! Jesus! I have to curse!’ Jesus must have minded a little, because Chynna and her partner Tony flailed, falling from their frontrunner position and delivering a modest performance that placed them in the middle of the pack.”

“Week two of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ verily simmered with the sizzling sensation of forbidden fruit,” wrote another fan website.

During Nancy Grace’s performance with dancer Tristan McManus, her flimsy dress couldn’t quite contain her bosoms, giving the network audience more than it expected to see of her right breast. In embarrassment, she buried her face in McManus’ shoulder.

As they approached the judges’ table, “On the European version, that would be absolutely fine,” soothed host Tom Bergeron.

Judge Bruno Tonioli couldn’t resist, though, quipping that the performance “was a bit top-heavy at times.”

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