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The chart speaks for itself. Married couples abort their pregnancies at a rate almost 10 times less than couple who are just living together.

The chart was prepared by pro-life activist David Schmidt and appears on his website Live Action. The anti-abortion website LifeSiteNews observed:

Pro-life activists have long pointed out that in order to end the great human rights tragedy of abortion, it isn’t enough simply to fight abortion in the courts or the legislatures: it’s necessary to build a “culture of life” where abortion is unthinkable, and where the social structures actively encourage protecting life.

In many respects the central fight in this battle is the fight over the family and marriage.

Studies have consistently shown that stable families built upon life-long, committed marriages between a man and a woman are by far the best for protecting life – and it isn’t hard to see why: a woman is more likely to go through with a pregnancy when she knows she’ll have a husband around to help her care for and raise the child, and a man is less likely to pressure the mother of his child to abort (even when the pregnancy is unintended) when he has committed to spending his life with her.

In the case of less stable relationships, however, when an unintended pregnancy occurs, the man and the woman are more likely to want to “get rid of the problem.”


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