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Texas 9-year-old Isaac Armstead credits his faith in God for his incredible survival after walking into a airplane propeller going full speed — and living to talk about it.

The prop split his head open and took off his right hand. However, the fourth grader is adjusting — even learning to play video games left-handed although he’s a right-hander.

“The accident happened August 3, 2011,” reports KIII-TV in Corpus Christi, Texas. “Isaac’s father David, a Navy Captain stationed out of Naval Air Station Kingsville was in Afghanistan at the time.

“Back here at home a family friend had bought a new private airplane, and took Isaac out for a flight, on the way back, the unexpected happened.

Isaac’s Mother Tiffanie Armstead told KIII-TV that, “it was dark and it was really late at night, my son hadn’t seen me in 2 weeks,” so he rushed toward with her — right into the spinning propeller.

Isaac says, “I wasn’t thinking, because I really wanted to see her, and the propeller was spinning so fast I couldn’t see it, and so I walked into it and it hit my face.”

Isaac put his hand up to block his face from getting hit again, that’s when the propeller took Isaac’s hand, Isaac then put up his arm for protection.

Here is Isaac’s story as told by the TV news team:


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