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“God is everything to me,” says Ideaner Harden Moore Walker, who just turned 100 years old. “God is great in His goodness.”

“I’ve been praying since I was 6 years old,” she told the Orangeburg, S.C., newspaper the Times and Democrat, “and I have received some big blessings. When I was little, I prayed for my father to come back home from New Jersey, and he did.”

She celebrated her birthday at New Mount Zion Baptist Church last week with friends and family. She says God provided that family.

“I prayed and fasted for seven years after no one thought I could conceive, and I had seven children,” she said. “I prayed and asked God to bless me with a home of my own, and He blessed me with the home that I own.”

Her faith has given her contentment, she says — and she’d change “nothing, absolutely nothing” about her early life — which included working as a farm laborer for 10 cents a day, picking cotton, beans and peas.

As a young wife and mother, she took care of her children, worked in the fields and raised chickens and hogs to feed her family.

But she told the Times and Democrat that hard work and “serving God by serving others” is what added so many years to her life.

“Pray and go to church,” she advised. “Never even put your hands on something that doesn’t belong to you. Work hard and send your children to school and keep them away from drugs. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. God is God and always will be. Stick together.”

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