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“Because our fear of scarcity trumps our trust in God’s abundance,” writes the Rev. Charles Booker-Hirsch, “we place an undue emphasis on securing our goods militarily.”

And that’s not Jesus’ way, writes the pastor of Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Md., writing for the Washington Post‘s On Faith section:  

It’s a humbling fact: Per the latest federal budget, we who represent less than 5 percent of the world’s population continue to expend more annually than roughly the next two dozen countries combined. That’s right: the next two dozen countries combined. That’s like emphasizing in our church budget our need for stronger security systems rather than feeding the poor and the poor in spirit!

Challenged to be distributively faithful and knowing The Eternal provides when we are, people of faith in America should ask ourselves: How do we wish to live?

Scriptures of all major faiths I know do not emphasize “Be secure!” They emphasize, “Fear not!” Perhaps so should we.

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