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“Lingering economic woes have prompted some to take their concerns to the Lord,” writes Gary McLendon for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in upstate New York.

Pastor Samme Palermo of the Oasis Christian Fellowship in Penfield opened the doors of the church and invited the public in to ask God to provide spiritual guidance and support to whoever asked for it.

Monday’s event was the second “Prayer for Business” sponsored by the church, reports McLendon:

“The Rochester area is not healthy financially in the level of prosperity in relation to jobs that are offered,” said Palermo.

“A few months ago, the church board decided it would be a great idea for people to come and for people to pray and for businesses to pray. … It’s not a networking event. It’s just an opportunity and a platform for people to pray.”

The format was simple — as soft jazz played, people sat in pews and prayed.

Christine Marcello of Webster said that when she attended the first prayer session earlier this year, she was facing unemployment because her job was ending at the end of June.

She had posted her resume on job boards and was getting no response until the week after the first prayer session at the church.

“I had three interviews in one week. … I got an offer in three weeks from a local company. … I just think it was the power of God that facilitated and made things happen that were well beyond my control,” Marcello said.

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