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“I just returned to New York after an eye-opening, exhausting and inspiring two weeks traveling across the American South with the stand-up comedy tour The Muslims Are Coming,” reports Dean Obeidallah for the Cable News Network.

“We performed in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee and plan to travel to the Midwest in the fall for more shows.”

The tour, which I co-produced with comedian Negin Farsad, is being filmed for a documentary and also features comedians Maysoon Zayid, Omar Elba and some special guest Christian and Jewish comedians. This project is being funded by our friends and families, not any organizations.

To us, this tour is not about Islam, it’s about America. We are exploring the question: What type of country do we want? One where minority religions are harassed, persecuted and given less freedom simply because of their faith, or a nation where all religions are treated equally?

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