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Companies managing the Sinai conduit that transports Egyptian natural gas to Israel have hired several Beduin tribes to protect the pipeline.

Lines have been sabotaged three times in July, five times since January.

North Sinai Governor Abdel Wahab Mabrouk told  the Egyptian daily newspaper, al-Ahram that the Egyptian Natural Gas Company  contacted tribes through whose traditional territories the pipeline passes. Six guards will watch each of the 31 pumping stations, while other guards would patrol the pipeline, which was attacked Saturday for the third time during July and the fifth time since February, according to the Jerusalem Post.

No natural gas has flowed through the lines since a July 4 explosion.

“The investigation is not over yet,” Mabrouk told reporters, “and we are currently questioning a number of suspects in the incident in order to find those responsible for the planning and implementation of the attack.”

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