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When Scott County, Tennessee, residents began praying for his officers, dramatic things happened, says Sheriff Mike Cross.

He says drug arrests went up 600 percent.

He says that some time ago, he and Scott County Commissioner David Day decided they needed divine intervention. So, they approached local pastors, such as Baptist Minister Kermit Phillips, who agreed to ask their congregations to pray for law enforcement officers — and other problems such as unemployment.

“We still believe, as the scripture says, righteousness exalts a nation and sins can reproach to any people,” says Phillips. He says more than a dozen local ministers took up the challenge and started holding monthly prayer circles on the courthouse lawn back in April 2011.

“We have seen a 600 percent increase in drug arrests, specifically with meth, since we have had the prayer vigil … we have used every tool that we could to slow down the drug problem that we have here and prayers have been the answer,” said Chief Deputy Ronnie Phillips.

Here is a local TV station’s account:

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