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Apartment residents in the upper floors of Dubai’s  Burj Khalifa tower will have to endure a longer daily Ramadan fast, according to the United Arab Emirates city’s top cleric.

During the month of Ramadan, the faithful cannot eat or drink — or even chew gum — from dawn to dusk. Because the upper floors of the 160-story spire peek over the horizon, the sun is visible longer.

Thus, Mohammed al-Qubaisi, Dubai’s chief authority on Muslim law, has ruled that residents above the 150th floor must wait three additional minutes to break their daily fast.  Those between the 80th and 150th floors must wait only an extra two extra minutes.

Special rules also apply to Muslims traveling on airplanes. If the sun is visible, the fast remains in effect.

And each morning, the fast will begin earlier, too — as the sun’s rays become visible two and three minutes earlier to tower residents than to Dubai residents at ground level.

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