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In Bible times, the prophet Micah observed those who were exploiting and cheating the poor, says Beliefnet columnist Chad Hovind. 

“They were powerful people using dishonest scales.”

The ancient prophet said in Micah 6:11,

“Shall I acquit a man with dishonest scales, with a bag of false weights?”

Hovind asks:

What does he mean by “dishonest scales” and “false weights?” In Micah’s time, a buyer would make purchases using silver or gold coins. When it came time to buy a particular sheep, a standardized weight equal to the value of the sheep would be placed on a scale to measure the amount of silver or gold the buyer was using. The standardized weight was set on one side of the scale, while the buyer’s coins were set on the other side of the scale. When the scale balanced, both parties knew that the proper amount of gold or silver had been given to the merchant in exchange for his merchandise, and the buyer walked home with his new sheep.

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