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In a column titled “Atheism, Despair, and Envy: A Case Study,” American Vision columnist Joel McDurmon confesses: “I normally don’t get into online debates in comment sections, on Facebook, or even via email. I have too much work to get done.

“But once in a while I’ll engage someone if I think there’s some larger benefit to it. This post is an example of that, and I was encouraged by others to make a post of the email exchanges below. I have done this at least once before, here.”

The following exchange took place after a 73-year old atheist emailed to the author in regard to an article critical of the Social Security program.

The man desired to express to me his despair in regard to the future of the Social Security system—from which he derives his sole source of income—but mostly to poke at me with this atheistic cane. While his expression of the standard old atheistic arguments is hardly the best I’ve seen—it reaches about a ninth-grade level—it does carry with it an interesting vignette into atheism that I deemed worthy to set forth as an example.

What this man revealed as I led him further into his own irrationalism, was the utter despair to which his worldview leads, as well as the angry expression of pure envy which develops from one’s own embrace of pessimism. Rarely do these things come out so clearly in an exchange with an atheist.

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