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“It’s a stately vessel floating on the Rhine River and somehow it looks vaguely familiar,” reports the German news site Deutsche Welle. “Plumbing one’s memory, it does indeed resemble illustrations from childhood picture books about the Bible.”

Noah's Ark, modern version

“That’s just what Dutch television entertainer and puppeteer Aad Peters was aiming for. Nearly a year ago, he purchased this model of Noah’s Ark, turning it into a kind of museum and amusement park to teach people more about the Holy Scripture,” reports the website.

“The Bible is an interesting book, even for people who have never read it,” he observed. “Everyone should be familiar with its stories.”

is the first station abroad for the Ark, having docked only at Dutch ports until now. When visitors board the ship, the first thing they receive is a questionnaire, where they can test their knowledge of the Bible.

True to the story in the Book of Genesis, which saw Noah build an ark to save himself, his family and the animals of the world during the Great Flood, this museum ship is home to many an animal, though the majority of them are stuffed. Plenty of the furry creatures, even massive giraffes, are life-size models, while some of the smaller critters are real.

The ship is also a four-story abode for many scenes from the Old and New Testaments, including Adam and Eve. In the David and Goliath setting, visitors can pick up a slingshot like the young future king of Israel to slay the giant Philistine warrior.

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