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On “The Five,” a new afternoon panel on Fox News, the group discussed President Obama’s comments last week at the University of Maryland where he talked about the right-left media divide.

 “President Obama … blames the media for the divide going around the country,” said liberal commentator Bob Beckel. “He said liberals only read the New York Times, conservatives only watch Fox. 

“Mr . President I know you , I love you, I support you but I don’t read the New York Times. I’m a liberal and I’m on Fox.  So I’m not the right guy to…  I’m not sure that’s exactly right.   I haven’t done a lot of polling here. There’s a lot  of people who are  Democrats that watch Fox.”

“This is akin to heresy for Beckel,” comments media observer Don Irvine of the watchdog group Accuracy in Media. “Not only does he not read one of the nation’s leading daily newspapers or watch the leading liberal cable news network, he admitted that there are Democrats who actually watch Fox which doesn’t exactly jibe with president’s characterization of the conservative-liberal divide.”

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