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Beliefnet’s Jay Sekulow reports that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is about to overturn a controversial city ordinance. Sekulow, the chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, has been fighting the law and writes:

I wanted to bring you an update on a case that we’ve been involved in since last year – a case that has significant ramifications for the First Amendment.

As you may recall, we secured an important victory in federal court last fall against the City of Pittsburgh. The issue: an ordinance that violated the constitutional rights of pro-life advocates.

It all began last fall when we filed a federal lawsuit challenging Pittsburgh Ordinance 601.02, which prohibited the distribution of leaflets in the City. Our clients wanted to distribute pro-life leaflets – in the days leading up to the November election – on unoccupied parked cars without fear of fine, penalty or censure. Our lawsuit was clear: the ordinance was unconstitutional. It was overbroad, vague and impinged on the rights of free speech and due process that the United States Constitution guarantees.

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