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The Iranian National Security Ministry is targeting Farsi-language websites which do not adhere to strict Shi’ite Muslim theology. Among those hit in cyber-attacks is Mohabat News, which serves Persian Christians in Iran and surrounding countries.

“The most recent attack took place on august 19, 2011, in which the attackers overloaded the server of MohabatNews and made it to go down for three days,” reported the website. “We are really sorry for the inconvenience. But now with God’s help we managed to transfer the website into a more secure server and we hope such incidents don’t happen again. Thanks for your tolerance.”

However tolerance is the last thing that the Iranian government has in mind. In February, cyber-attacks shut down MohabatNews for two days. The Iranian government has tried with varying levels of success to block access to the site. Although the Christian website is back up and operating from a server outside Iran, others are not.

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