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Idaho Falls police have a warned a 34-year-old man in a bunny suit wearing a tutu to stop hiding behind trees to frighten local children.

Idaho Falls resident William Falkingham allegedly was peeking out from behind a large tree and pointing his finger like a gun — scaring a little boy, whose mother filed a complaint.

An investigation led officers to question other neighbors, “who expressed that they were greatly disturbed by Falkingham and his bunny suit,” the official police report said.

Falkingham told police that while he “enjoys wearing the suit,” he understood the concerns, and that he could be cited as a public nuisance for that type of behavior, Idaho Falls Police Department spokeswoman Joelyn Hansen said.

According to the British news service Reuters — which picked up the story — a neighbor, Deborah Colson, defended Falkingham, saying he has an eccentric but otherwise harmless habit of dressing up and making appearances on his own property.

According to the wire service:

“He’s got the bunny outfit, a cowboy suit and a ballerina dress but you don’t see him except where he’s tripping through his backyard,” she said.

Colson said she worried that news of Falkingham’s at-home habits might make him a target of fear and scorn.

“He’s never done anything wrong but wear his little suits in the background,” she said. “He’s got a strange lifestyle at home but we all do weird things at home. It makes me so sad: people don’t even do anything and they get laughed at.” 

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