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Religious and social leaders say Dayton, Ohio, needs prayer to move forward as a community.

“The move is in response to the uproar stemming from the death of Kylen English,” reports Mark Bruce for WHIO-TV. ” The Dayton man died when jumped out of a police cruiser and off the Salem Avenue bridge.”

“This is a time when I think very deep wounds that have developed over many years have surfaced,” said Pastor Sherry Gale from Grace United Methodist Church.

“People from across the city and community admit that now is a tough time in Dayton,” reports Bruce. “English’s suicide showcases the mistrust some people feel towards the city’s police department. Now, a large group of local leaders is trying to chart a way forward.

“It is our belief while there are different understandings regarding the events of this tragedy, we all care for our community,” said Pastor Dormetria Robinson.

At Wednesday’s Dayton City Commission meeting, that group announced its plans to hold a community day of prayer at 2 p.m. Sunday on the Salem Avenue bridge.

“There is a sense of community when people put aside ourselves, our differences, and instead come together and focus on good and look for God’s presence and look for God’s peace,” Gale said.

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