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A Buffalo, N.Y., church is focusing on a non-traditional calling: business education.

However, Pastor Stephen Andzel at New Creation Fellowship says he sees no reason instruction should be limited to spiritual topics. Churches, he says, are called to teach everything, from science to literature.

“And even business,” writes Maryellen Tighe for the Buffalo News newspaper.

“Several associate ministers, friends of mine, have churches that already have successful business schools,” Andzel told her. “Most people think church is just a place you go on Sunday, … but to really help a person you got to reach the spiritual, the soul, and the physical.”

Tighe writes:

The Joseph Business School franchise has a modest goal — to educate Christians to be successful entrepreneurs and business leaders through biblical principles.

But Andzel says he hopes it will have a much larger impact than that. Business owners, he says, should be “taking their success and reinvesting it back in the community and turn it back into the thriving community we think it could be.”

Next month, the Joseph Business School will welcome its first class in Buffalo. The nine-month course will cover biblical principles for business, in addition to more traditional business school fare. Tuition and supplies are $2,775 per student.

“Our goal is not just for them to complete the nine months; our goal is for them to start the dream of launching their own business,” said Stephen Grant, director of the Joseph Business School in Buffalo. “When they’re done with this school, they will have a well-drafted business plan they can take to any investor.”

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