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A British night club named “Religion” opened last week — and the local bishop is not amused.

The bar offers alcoholic drinks with names like Angel Wings. The club has special promotions such as “Salvation — the answer to your prayers.”

But no sermons are delivered — at least not from a pulpit. No congregation sits in pews or discusses how to pray more effectively or how to change the world for Jesus.

The wine isn’t sacramental.

It’s just a bar with a gimmick designed to attract attention.

The Church of England’s Bishop of Wakefield is annoyed.

“For people who are religious,” the Rev. Stephen Platten told the BBC, “those words are seen as key issues to their life.”

Leisure 99, which owns the nightclub, shrugs off any criticism, saying “The name of the club nights aren’t linked to any specific faith. The definition of the word religion is a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion, which is what partygoers in the city are doing.”

The club advertises Monday Mass with discounted drinks.

Resurrection night promises to “bring your Friday back to life.” Saturday is billed as “Salvation – the answer to your prayers.”

Platten, told the Yorkshire Post newspaper the club’s themes are “inappropriate.”

“If any other aspect of people’s lives was taken and trivialized in this way I think people would be upset.”

“On the other hand, it could be argued that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if people want to experience the real thing, they are always most welcome at the cathedral.”

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