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India’s film superstar Akshay Kumar is less than sympathetic to England’s young rioters.

The Bollywood movie star was in London shooting the “Bollywood” movie Housefull 2 and was shocked by the violence in the streets.

“It is so shocking that London and England is now being destroyed by its very own misled youths. The circumstance for which these horrific riots came about is very sad, but this is no way to handle vengeance,” he posted on the social media. “I have friends in London restricted to their homes for fear of being robbed or caught in fire blasts on their way to work or shopping.”

“Bollywood” refers to India’s booming homegrown film industry, which has the distinct flavor of the subcontinental culture.

Kumar, 43, had previously shot the popular Indian film Patiala House with co-star Anushka Sharma.

The ‘Khiladi’ actor is worried about the escalating violence around the world.

“The world is suffering enough, Africa is dying of thirst, the Middle East is on full alert, India is getting over its own terror attacks, but good old England, the very country so many rely on, is being battered by its own angered youngsters who have threatened and abused the very city that has taken care of them!!” he wrote.

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