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Pastor Zhang MIngxuan

EDITOR’S NOTE: In China today, the only churches permitted are those with government-paid pastors who deliver government-approved sermons. Children under 18 are barred. So, the vast majority of Chinese Christians meet illegally in “house churches.” Their membership numbers are rumored to be approaching those of the Chinese Communist Party. So, leaders are becoming more and more bold. However, the government has launched a crackdown — with many leaders under house arrest, church members fired from their jobs and evicted from their homes. Stories of torture and beatings by police are common. A prominent attorney disappeared last April after representing Christians against the government.

This is a letter from Pastor Zhang Mingxuan, the president of Chinese Christian House Church Alliance. He notes that he has written five times earlier only to be ignored. The letter was translated by the China Aid Association.

It is written to China’s president.

Chinese President Hu meets with Barack Obama


Dear Honorable President Hu Jintao,

 In the name of the son of God and as a Christian pastor, I hereby give my greetings to you and wish you good health!

As the highest-ranking leader of China, you have brought progress to a backward Chinese nation. In the past 30 years, thanks to the reform and openness, we the Chinese have made great achievements in our economic, political life, science and religion.

These are the fruits of the policy of reform and openness.

These are the pride of our Chinese nation and part of the credit should go to you for your hard work. In the name of son of God, I, Pastor Zhang Mingxuan, hereby give my greetings to you.

I have written five open letters to you before this one, but I have not received any replies from you so far. Maybe you have not seen them or your subordinates simply forced them out.

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